About me

What can I tell you?

My name is Samuel Parsons, you will find I go by the very imaginative tag '@SParsonsDataViz', I use this tag in Twitter - where I spend most of my social media focus, but also on Tableau Public - where I post hobby visualisations.

I work for Dyson Technology Limited, as a Lead Data Visualisation Developer within the RDD function, working for the Global Quality team.  I have been working for Dyson for just over two years now, previously as a Business Analyst for a prominent UK charity.  I am a Product Design graduate and since switching career paths to data visualisation back in  late 2018, I have been able to reconnect with my design passion.

I mainly use Tableau as my visualisation tool of choice, so a lot of what I refer to or write will reference Tableau.  That said, data visualisation thoughts and practices can be applied to all tools, so hopefully I will write on subject relevant for PowerBI and Looker users as well - this will be interesting to know if the blog crosses that divide!

I live in the UK, near the Heritage City of Bath - the UK's most beautiful city (or so I think!), do find time to visit it if you are passing through.

Elsewhere on the site there are links to my Twitter, LinkedIn, Tableau Public accounts and also my E-mail.  Please feel free to reach out and contact me, to connect, or if I can help in any way.

All the best,