Below you will find clips of the presentations I have delivered publicly, those that have been recorded.

Going Full Circle  

A talk on my career path through to July 2019; how I journeyed from a Product Design student through to a Data Visualisation specialist:  Presented at the London TUG and the Bangalore TUG.


Key To Keeping Your Designs On Track And Goal Focused

A short 10 minute talk about how I approach my hobby visualisations and how I iterate and continually check to ensure I achieve my overriding goal:  Presented at the London TUG.


Approaching #IronViz 

Presentation on why I entered the Tableau #IronViz competition, with a particular focus on the 2nd Feeder Round enter visualisation - The Golden Record.  Looking into certain composition elements and in depth build of certain design elements, including some charts:  Presented at the South West TUG.

Design to Engage (VizConnect)

This presentation was delivered at the start of November 2020, after I had published my own Interactive CV / Resume.  The purpose of this presentation was to show how to consider the impact interactivity and design elements have on drawing the reader into your work and helping them engage with what you have produced.  The talk also goes into the build of the resume from Adobe Illustrator into Tableau.


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