Below you will find clips of the presentations I have delivered publicly, those that have been recorded.

Going Full Circle  

A talk on my career path through to July 2019; how I journed from a Product Design student through to a Data Visualisation specialist:  Presented at the London TUG and the Bangalore TUG.


Key To Keeping Your Designs On Track And Goal Focused

A short 10 minute talk about how I approach my hobby visualisations and how I iterate and continually check to ensure I achieve my overriding goal:  Presented at the London TUG.


Approaching #IronViz 

Presentation on why I entered the Tableau #IronViz competition, with a particular focus on the 2nd Feeder Round enter visualisation - The Golden Record.  Looking into certain compostion elements and in depth build of certain design elements, including some charts:  Presented at the South West TUG.