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A gallery of some of my hobby vizzes

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The Full History of the Six Nations

Sowing Seeds In America

Gallager Premiership Season 

1st Dashboard - individual matches 

2nd Dashboard - player stats

3rd Dashboard - team stats 

The Plight of the Pride

The Golden Record

St Michael's Mount

Empowered by Data


Finessing Bar Charts

The heritage city of Bath

12 Labours of Heracles

Detail 1

Detail 2

Detail 3

Prime Property

Rematch - Clash on the dunes (collaboration with Simon Beaumont and Lorna Eden)

Scottish Digital Tech Companies

World Parliamentary Gender Equality

Detail 1

Detail 2

Viz for Social Good

My CV / Resume

Beautiful Business - Tableau 2020.4 Beta Testing

What's Going On Data?

Lake Titicaca

Remote Working

elements of Bob