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A gallery of some of my hobby vizzes

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The Full History of the Six Nations


Rugby Union is my sport, so when I was asked to guest host a #SportsVizSunday month with Rugby Union data it was an honor.  This was my visualisation, which was showcased during #Data19 at the European Tableau Conference in their Tableau Public Gallery - this was fantastic, because I created it to be viewed as a infographic for print.

Sowing Seeds In America


My very first entry for Tableau's #IronViz competition, for Feeder 1, 2019.  This entry scored 2nd, so narrowly missing out on competing for the title on stage at the US Conference later that year.  I was particularly happy that it scored top in the Design category.   The visualisation is shown twice, to show the interaction of the maps and connecting lines.

Gallager Premiership Season 


The next two dashboards were visualising data from the English Rugby Union Premiership season, created for myself, but shared with fans from all teams - to great feedback.  Sadly the data collection became too time-consuming for me to continue updating it through to the end of the season.  This dashboard has gather interest from professional sides within Rugby Union.

1st Dashboard - individual matches

2nd Dashboard - player stats

3rd Dashboard - team stats

The Plight of the Pride


My 1st #Viz4SocialGood entry, this was my first attempt at using polygons - the lion head and shards are all made from polygons that are interactive and reveal facts about Lions in Africa.

The Golden Record


My 2nd #IronViz entry, for Feeder Round 2.  This visualisation covered the Golden Record sent into space on the two Voyager crafts, visualising the tracks on the record and looking their musical composition, whilst also telling the story of the Voyager craft's travels.  This finished overall 6th in the competition.


A look into the rivalries within the English Rugby Union Premiership since the game turned professional.  Showcasing the magnitude of the regular season results between all the teams and looking at the flow of which team is the more successful after combining results together.