Finally it is here!

Reflections in Design is my first foray into blogging after what seems a lifetime of thinking about it, but never quite pushing it through, when in reality it has been only a target of mine for 2019.

So, let's begin this journey with some fundamentals...

Hi! I'm Samuel.  Reflections in Design I hope will become my platform to voice my own musings & views around design that interests me.  Ideally as this journey progresses others will find this site of use and helpful, even if only to present another angle that may not have been considered previously.  Initally, my focus will be on elements related to Data Visualisation and in particularly, Tableau.

At the time of writing this, I am working as a Data Visualisation Specialist for Dyson Technology Limited.  It is a fantastic role that  requires me to primarily focus on visualisation and design best practice using Tableau, as the visualisation tool of choice, and also Adobe Creative Cloud suite of apps (Illustrator, In Design and Photoshop).  I'm also a Product Design graduate from Loughborough University.

(Note: All views expressed in this blog are my own and do not represent Dyson)

When I am not blogging or working you would be able to find me back home near Bath, England, with my wife and three young children;  They all like to keep me on my toes!  At times it can be crazy, manic, but also so rewarding.  I love movies, particularly those with a strong sense of visual styling.  My passion away from design is a love of the sport of Rugby Union, where I support Bath Rugby and have produced a number of Rugby Union related visualisations.  I have been lucky to be have had a number of opportunities to combine both Tableau with Rugby Union and work with professional teams, such as the Melbourne Rebels in Australia.

What you can expect from this blog in the future is a combination of applying design theory,  my views of what consitutes good design, technical Tableau, deep dives into my own work, composition thoughts and feeding back experiences from various events.

As I mentioned, I have never blogged before and those that know me well will know my limitations with coding (I never do it!), so to delve into customising this site using CSS and HTML is all new to me, so please be patient - I won't get it all right to begin with - if you find any bugs, please let me know!

Before I sign off I'll just say, I intend to have fun with this site, it will be more of a mind-dump of information and tool where I can collect my thoughts.  If you disagree with anything I write, that's ok, feel free to let me know, but hopefully I shall make sense and you all can find parts to take away with you and use for own purpose.

I'll leave this first post here, short and sweet!  Please feel free to contact me, subscribe and I hope you follow this journey of mine as it progresses!

Thanks for listening,



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