Guide: Finessing Bar Charts

Bar Charts, these at the staple of a visualisation designers diet. We consume them, we create them, we see them daily. Yet, why is it we do so little to optimise their design, too easily we accept the out-the-box settings. Perhaps we become lazy with them because they are not the more complex, sexy chart types that demand our attention. So often a bar chart forms a sideshow role to a more visually stimulating chart and with this it is easy to forget that bar charts can be so much more than their default, out-the-box set up.

I recently as part of my day role at Dyson, set to redesigning a fairly recent dashboard to bring into a new design template we were employing.  This gave an opportunity to experiment with some of the existing charts and as I had four bar charts on the dashboard it represented a good opportunity to try something different.

The below URL takes you to a slide deck I have put together which runs through step by step my thinking on the design of bar charts, with a number of variations to my solution.

URL: Finessing Bar Charts


I am working on a set Tableau tutorials for each variation described in the slide deck above.


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